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Are you tired of Academic failure? Pray these 10 prayer points to destroy "FAILURE" today, 21/7/2020

Before we proceed into our prayers today, have you followed us? If not, go and do so in order to get powerful prayer points.

Most of us find it difficult to pass exams in school even if after studying hard for the exam, sometimes this could be your first and at the same time may be the work of the Devil.

Today we are here to speak against the spirit of "Failure". The word failure is not ours, shake your body off, as you are doing so, you are shaking failure away in Jesus name. Below are 10 powerful prayer points to destroy Failure.

(1) Oh Lord, thank you for making me see the light of the world today.

(2) Oh Lord, am tired of failure, I don't know how it wants to happen but I decree into my life that every spirit of failure in me must die right now by fire in Jesus name.

(3) I rebuke every spirit of failure and disappointments in my life, in the mighty name of Jesus.

(4) Every lecturer, teacher assigned to fail me in life, you are a failure, fail yourself in Jesus name.

(5) Examination failures, I am not your candidate, be put to shame in Jesus name.

(6) The Lord that changes story form bad to good, answer me go be successful in whatever I lay my hands upon in Jesus name.

(7) In the name of Jesus, I declare today that am moving forward and there won't be any reason for me to turn back in Jesus name.

(8) As from today henceforth, success is my new name, I have no business with failure again in the mighty name of Jesus.

(9) Every known or unknown powers either from my mother's house or my father's house that is against my Academic success, loose your power over me in the mighty name of Jesus.

(10) Oh Lord, before the eyes of the enemies could open I must have gotten to my promise land in the mighty name of Jesus.

(11) I refuse to be wasted this year in the name of Jesus.

(12) My Father, my God, show me the secret to my next level in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

After youu might have finished those prayer points above, say the "BLOOD OF JESUS" 7 times and then do what is expected of you which is to have faith. All our prayers will be answered in Jesus name.

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