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How secret cult groups recruit new members.

1. Lies and deceit

The most common way every secret cult group get new members is through lies and deceiving of non member students or prospect.

Since the inception of the post UME entrance examination, secret cults members normally hang around the campus and the examination venues looking for ways to interact with post UME students. In the process of this discussion, names, examination, details and most importantly phone numbers of the prospective student will be demanded.

2. By oppression: Your friend in a secret cult or some in a secret cult, who has noticed and has seen that you posses the qualities his secret cult groups wants in their members and knowing the facts that you do not belong to any secret cult group, then they will begin to oppress and intimidate you.

3. By enticement: Secret cult members are always in party venues, drinking bar in every campus drinking and smoking with their girls and members

They do these things to show off, to entice non members of secret cult. A child who like partying, that is greedy and lack contentment will definitely fall for this trick.

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