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How to pass ICAN, ACCA, ACA exams with ease

Institute of chartered accountant of Nigeria exam, is a professional exam most accounting students and non accounting students believed to be like a hell because of the high-level level of failure recorded so far and its rigorous marking pattern. I want you to know that ICAN exam is as simple as ABC if you follow the steps below and put it into practice.

Steps to be taken viz;

1. Prompt preparation: preparation is the bedrock of every success. Preparation encompasses all things that will enable you to pass. If you want to pass ICAN exams, you have to read seriously, I mean you should try as much as possible to read everyday because reading is the 'antidote of failure', read without ceasing, get all other materials that you deem think are relevant to ICAN study pack. Go on internet, search on topics that is unclear to you, watch tutorial videos concerning the topic.

I can still recall vividly back then when I was preparing to write ATS II, I was in university and was unable to attend ICAN lectures, I got afraid that I might fail, I quickly ran to my books, watch tutorial videos on YouTube, consult other materials, to God be the glory I passed the most difficult stage in ATS at one sitting. Prepare as early as possible, do not wait for the last diet result to be released before you will start your preparation.

2. Apply Three-One method: This is the simplest way or method of reading ICAN study packs, because it helps to finish the whole pack,and by so doing , it gives assurance. 3-one method involves reading the first subsequent three topics and read one topic from the back. It allows you to cover all the pack. This method is helpful because ICAN questions do not neglect any part of the study pack.

3. Avoid cramming: ICAN questions do not come as normal institution exams. it test you thinking ability, its question do not come straight as you think, which makes it difficult to cram. The best think you should do is study and understand, do not cram. "You forget one word;you forget everything" rule of cramming.

4. Sleep: Have a lot of rest. Restwill refresh your brain. ICAN exam is not a diehard exam, at least sleep 6 hours a day, so as to keep your body and afresh. Sleep avoids brain shutdown, Do not read from morning till night, read 4-5hrs and have a two hours rest, take up the book again and you will see that all what that was unclear to you in the first reading, will become clear.

5. Study the ICAN pathfinder: ICAN pathfinder is also known as ICAN past question, buy the pathfinder or download it from ICAN portal. Study the ICAN past question so as to get more Familiar with how ICAN exams are.

Note: Do not rely solemnly on the pathfinder because ICAN question is differ at each diet.

6. Download ICAN 30days blueprint from any online tutorials. It serves as a revision, I will implore you to get it.

7. Attempt all the questions you are been told to attempt, if you are been told to attempt 4 questions only, please attempt it, do not say you have attempted 3, you have tried.

8. Do not be in hurry to submit, check your work over and over, so as to avoid grammatical errors or omission. All these aforementioned are inevitable.

9. Pray: Commit everything unto God's hand, tell him to perfect everything for you because prayer is the key..

* Pray to succeed and work towards success.*

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