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7 Tactics Students In The University Use In Collecting Money From Their Parents

Somehow, students in the University always find themselves broke and needy and have no other means but employing the use of tactics to collect money from their parents. However, if you are a parent whose kid(s) is in the University, and you are interested in knowing what these tactics are then read on.

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1. Term papers :- This is a very common excuse students give to their parents in order to collect money from them. Let me tell you that this term paper, which is an extensively researched topic, can be done on a smartphone and then printed out in the Cyber cafe. With the aid of a word processing software, this document can be researched from a search engine and typed into the software. It is later arranged and taken to the Cyber cafe to be printed out. This printing out costs 20 Naira, depending on the number of pages. But some students decide to tell their parents that they need money for it, and our awesome parents have no other choice but to deliver because it is for education purposes.

2. Textbooks :- I guess even our parents are aware of this famous excuse. Even though some textbooks cost quite a lot, students still fix a certain extra sum and push the bill unto their parents.

3. Departmental/Faculty/Class dues :- This is one of the expenses that exhausts the money of an average student. In some tertiary institutions, departmental and faculty dues costs from 5k - 7k, but students tell their parents that it costs 15 - 20k. Class dues on the other hand which is a very compulsory payment costs much lesser, but students use this as a tactic to collect money from their parents.

4. School fees :- Dear parents, if you want your kids to stop over billing you for their school fees then ask them to log you unto their school portal, so that you can see for yourself and give them the money. Or you could pay it yourself rather.

5. Feeding money :- Students use this excuse on their parents because they know that it is important for them to eat, and no matter how tough it is, their parents will still send something.

6. Industrial tour :- In some Universities, an industrial tour is usually conducted for the first years. It is a trip to a different state in Nigeria to experience big organizations and how they operate their businesses.This trip usually costs about 20 - 25k, but it can be hiked by your kids.

7. Project :- There is always one school project or the other going on in the life of every average University student. And this costs money, but not so much. Either ways, students tell their parents otherwise.

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