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College Education


The need for an all round Education

Mostly as individuals, we tend to think education means going to school and getting a certificate. This article is meant to aid you understand better the term "education" and how best this aids your decisions in the 21st century.

Education simply means knowledge acquisition and as such can range from having a know how on fixing thread on a needle and more. The world is fast advancing and as a people, theoretical knowledge without core practical use leaves us lagging behind. Considering the high rate of university graduates and the competition in the labour market, one can verifiably say we have more hands than open job offers which leads us back to the status quo. Basically entrepreneurial knowledge should be sort for as a means to survive the increasing lack of unemployment.

As individuals, we are blessed with different gifts and as such taking a deep thought about passion for what we want and do is paramount. We've long passed the era of making sure we have engineers, medical doctors and lawyers from our household, this century calls for what you have to offer naturally as a person. No knowledge is wasted they say, keeping the hustle alive means looking into your inner self and making a rediscovery. The question you should ask yourself is "what can I offer independently?" and once you can get an appropriate answer, the sky becomes your starting point. We have lots of individuals who make a living from what they can do with just their hands and time. All you need do is get started, get in the right circle, discover your inner self, decide to wait for no one.

There are lots of opportunities, regardless of how minute it can seem at the beginning, stay focused for expansion, be determined to win, have a willpower and be disciplined.

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