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These Photos Of A Female Welder And Some Of Her Work Proves There Is No Such Thing As "Men's Job"

There are some jobs mostly done by men because the society had made us believed that these professions are not suitable for women, it is often tagged a "man's job" but more women of this generation now breaking this stereotyping. Nowadays, women are proudly pursue careers and do jobs regarded as men's job, one of such women is Favour.

Favour does a job that highly dominated by men, she is a welder and a student studying Mechanical Engineering at the University.

A visit to her Instagram page shows that the young lady is so proud of her job and doesn't in any way feel intimidated working with men.

Check Out Photos Of Some Of Her Work;

The young lady is obviously a skilled welder, some of the things she has made includes doors, garri mixer, cake stand, engine for grinding, barbecue stand, oven, soap mixer and many more.

As a woman who chose to be a welder, it may not look glamorous facing fumes, electric light, gases, fire and other dangerous stuffs used by welders but as long as you do the job properly, as well as apply safety measures then it's okay.

See more photos below;

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