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See these reasons why we must never say that English is a measure of Intelligence

As we all know that English is one of the most, popular language in these world , so it is necessary to learn English in other to communicate, with others

In Nigeria English is an international language , that everyone must know in other for them to communicate with the others , because if the different tribes , we have in Nigeria, more so because in Nigeria there is only one language that can be easy to understand, apart from the other tribes languages.

However, in world today people regard English as a measure of Intelligence, that is, if you don't know how to say English, you are not brilliant, which is not supposed to be so. That is why some students remain, dull throughout their life because the English is complex for them to learn. Rather than using their natural language to teach them , and that will be the best for them .

Is English a language or a measure of intelligence?.

Yes English is a language because , it is an official language that can be learned easily and can be used to speak with other people in the country or people, with other tribes.

Again , English is not a measure of intelligence , because , if you use English to teach a particular subject to some set of students, it won't be easy for them to learn rather , than using their language to teach them .

With these few points of mine I think English is not a measure of intelligence but it is a language.

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