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Secondary Education


Teachers' Lives Matter: See how a secondary school in Borno was converted to a poultry farm.

Inactivation of schools all over the country has taken a toll on the incomes of teachers as well as school owners.

Chairs stacked on one another in order create space for fowl rearing.

No end in sight yet even as the Federal Government and the House of Assembly have been on differing sides to make definite death for resumption.

Well, teachers have been reported to be starving and on the brink of poverty due to the school closure development.

Nonetheless, teachers must have to feed themselves and their dependants in the most available ways.

Little wonder why a class room in Borno state, was discovered to have housed poultry birds for economic purposes.

Investigations are still ongoing, but it is believed amongst many that the consequences may not acute, considering the fact that "Teachers lives also matter".

Hopefully the birds would have reached maturity before the ban on opening schools would be lifted, and the teacher or whoever is responsible can enjoy honest lease of life.

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