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You can't Know and be Low

knowledge is power. What you don't know is greater than you. One of the reasons people fail in life is because they lack the knowledge they need, to succeed. The Bible says, my people perish because they lack knowledge. 

The truth is you can't know and be low. The amount of knowledge you have can determine the hight you can attain in life. You can't deal with any problem successfully if you don't know the cause and how to tackle it. 

The knowledge you have determines your results in life. If you want to live above average, you must know what above average people know. One of the factors that differentiate you from average people is the knowledge you have. 

The problem of most people is not that they are not hardworking, but they don't know what they are supposed to do. Most people dwell in one mistake for a long time because they lack knowledge.

Lack of knowledge is the same as being in bondage, until you know you won't be free. If you know where you should be you won't remain where you are.

Knowledge makes you a champion amongst your mates. It attracts honor and respect. Knowledge can take you where connection can't. Knowledge breaks limitations. Knowledge gives strength and authority. Infact knowledge is power. You can't know and be limited in life. 

If you don't know, you can become a slave to those that know. 

I want to advise someone this evening, don't beg people for money or whatever, just ask them to teach you what they know, until you know what they know, you will remain a slave to them. 

Make it a responsibility to learn a new thing everyday. Don't be tired of learning and knowing new things if you really want to go far. Follow people that know better than you do, read books and articles that can help you grow. Meeting new people is good as well. I mean people of positive influence.

Pay attention to teachings that can help you, no matter who the teacher is. 

Crave for knowledge than connection, it is what you know that will make people look for you. 

People of great value are people with great knowledge. The more you know, the more you become important in your society..

Determine to know more and don't be tired of learning...

May God help you in Jesus'name

I am Glory Chidimma Ojingwa (Glorified)

(CEO Glorified Motivational and Counseling Clinic)

Making your dreams realities...

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