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What I Did After I Saw A Boy Who Looked Tattered At The Gate Of Covenant During School Time -Oyedepo

The General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel a.k.a Winners Bishop David Oyedepo on live-streamed video shared a video message with the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that " I saw a boy at the gate of Covenant during school time. He was looking tattered and holding a bottle of unfinished bottled water. Maybe he picked it up and was just going around in rags. I asked the driver to stop. And then I asked "Why are you not in school? Where are your parents? He said my mother is on the field there. Where are your siblings? They are all there, that is where we sleep. At this point, I said they should go and look for a house for themselves.

Speaking further Oyedepo said "I called one of my sons to go and look for a house for them. And while we were planning to get her furniture, somebody met her and said Papa got you a house, I will provide the furniture. This is to tell you that we are not doing anybody a favor. And If I didn’t meet him that day, somebody else will meet him. Somebody will meet the mother. And If you ask me What is their name? I don’t know but as soon as I got them, they moved to a camp house at my expense. Because They can’t sleep outside.

Speaking further he said "You are the child of the King. So you better change your approach. And if you see it as a burden don’t do it. But I want you to quickly know that it is not your money. But it is money given to you. And If they sack you will you have money? If your business crashes will you have money? This is to tell you that it is The grace that sustains you on your job. And it is Of His grace we have all received. Not that we got it from somewhere else.

Watch The Video Here.

Fast forward video from 1 hour 40 minutes 12 seconds.

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