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Why Lawyers Are Called Learned And Other Professionals Are Not

If you have ever been chanced to be in the court room, you must have heard one lawyer refer to either the opposing counsel or another lawyer as 'my learned colleague'. You may have also been in situations where a friend of yours who is a legal practitioner has affirmed severally that he is learned and not educated.

The term 'learned' was originally used when referring to three professionals. They were doctors, priests and lawyers. These were normal careers for university graduates throughout the Middle Ages and until the Industrial Revolution made it possible for a person who had attended a university to think of other ways of making a respectable living. They were called the ‘learned professions’ because entry to them was restricted to men who had followed a course in the humanities and were accepted as scholars. These individuals were seen to have considerable social prestige and were deemed to be respectable in the society.

Along the years, the other professions seemed to fade into the background, leaving law as the one in the frontline. Lawyers were regarded as learned because they seemed to know at least a little about everything. Every law student has to undertake quite a number of courses relating to other numerous professions while in university. These courses range from sociology to business, engineering and sometimes medicine.

Law permeates every area of our lives and there is barely anything you can undertake without encountering it. All our day to day activities are subject to certain laws we ourselves may not know exist until something comes up and our attention is drawn to it by our legal practitioners. It is safe to say therefore that lawyers are indeed learned.

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