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Getting The Best Start as A New Student

Matriculations have been conducted by schools and others are still about to do that for new students.

You are no longer an admission seeker, but your time has started counting as an undergraduate.

Starting on the right lane is crucial to academic excellence or your goals in school.

Put this in mind, create your short-term and long-term goals now. And also, know that it won't be that easy without paying a sacrifice.

Your best can come if you are informed on what your course is all about and the department you found yourself.

Get information from your senior colleagues as they have been there before you did.

Know what your targets are. There are trains of people that will whisper discouragement to you that the department is hard, and no one graduates above a certain grade. 

This should be the turning point for you to put in your best and prove them wrong.

In addition, your friends and roommates are important to you having a great start.

Move with friends of like minds with you.

 Any friend that is not in your goal, do yourself good by cutting them off. You might soon join them if you don't! This means your start would be ruined.

 Where you lay your head to sleep and do other activities is part of your succeeding in school. Ensure that your roommates are good. Study them. 

A roommate that steals makes you insecure when you have your things in the room, and you are out.

 Also, the ones that bring many friends, including female friends, can prevent you from doing something in the room. 

When a female friend is brought, they will want you to give them privacy.

You will be proud if you are called a first-class candidate and your parents too!

Consistency and persistence are conjoined twins that will fetch your goals.

Don't relax when you fail a test. Don't rest on your oars if you have the best test result! Resting on one's laurel is a killer that many do not know. 

You just have to be awake and keep watch as if you were on a battle field. You just have to win the battle for you and your family.

Avoid any vices that will derail you from your goals! 

It is ideal you start on the right foot as a fresher to get the best start!

Congratulations as your story would be heard how you succeeded!

Content created and supplied by: Taiyemm (via Opera News )


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