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Reasons Why 40% Shouldn't Be A Pass Mark For Nigerian Students (Opinion)

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Education, most people say is the key to living a successful life. As a result of this believe most persons go all out to acquire good and quality education.

In Nigerian educational system, 40% is being regarded as a pass mark for all students which I think shouldn't be so.

Let's take for instance a pupil/student who is being enrolled into a primary school scores 40% all through and writes common entrance into any secondary school of his choice and still scaled through with 40% pass mark. He/She gains admission into the university and studies any course of his/her choice and still scores 40% all through, coming out with a second class lower certificate.

Now upon graduation he/she acquires a job in the society, let's say he/she became an engineer and constructs a bridge with the 40% knowledge he acquired while in school how long do you think it will take before that bridge collapses, maybe between one to two months and everything will come crashing down.

If you are still not convinced let's look at it from a medical perspective. You are in-between life and death and a doctor comes to operate on you and he/she tells you that your chances of survival is 40% from 100% because he/she only knows 40% of what he/she was taught in school how would you feel. That's a very big question.

If you ask for my opinion I will say the pass mark for Nigerian Students should be moved to 90% reasons being that only 10% error should be spared and not 60%. Nigerian educational sector should focus more on graduating quality students and not put all their emphasis on quantity. Being educated requires hard work and determination.

In conclusion, if Nigeria is ever hoping in becoming a developed country then much emphasis should be placed on this misery of 40% pass mark because we can't keep producing half baked teachers, engineers, bankers, lawyers, nurses, into the Nigerian society.

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