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How To Gain Admission Into any Nigerian University

The educational system in Nigeria is a good one which is highly commendable but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

There are four basic academic levels in Nigeria which include the kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary level, based on the topic of discussion which is 'ADMISSION' it is much easier from the kg level to the secondary level but transition from secondary school to tertiary institution (university and College of education) is much more painstaking than the others, two criteria are basically needed to gain admission into any Nigerian University this criteria include a good WASSCE and JAMB results if any of this is lacking that individual will not be offered provisional admission. 

Still based on the order stated fact, a good number of students still find it difficult to get both examination results in good and flying colours let's take for example, 78,000 students applied for a particular University and the statistics shows that only 37,000 have up to the minimum of C (credit) in Mathematics and English and only 22,000 have up to 180 in JAMB and only 19500 student got all to 50% in the post-utme screening exam using this above analogy, I will explain exactly what this university will do during the admission screening exercise, first any candidate who doesn't Mathematics and English in good shape in the exam will be automatically eliminated, so 41,000 candidates are out of the competition, secondly, any candidate with less than 180 will be eliminated too and lastly all those who fail the post utme screening exam will be removed.

So you can see that out of 78,000 candidates that applied for for admission only 19,500 qualified for for admission and note that not all of them will be admitted some will still be removed due to catchment area and other factors.

 This is actually a sad story, which you are a student must avoid and to do so you have to follow the following instruction strictly:

1. Practice lots of past questions daily.

2. Read up to six hours daily, it doesn't have to be at once, you can share the time. 

3. Read multiple text books for the same subject.

4. Pick universities that do not have a high number of yearly applicants.

5. Aim for A's and B's in your WASSCE exam. 

6. Aim for 300 and above your JAMB examination.

7. Do excellently well in your POST UTME exam. 

8. Pick universities that include your state of origin in their catchment area.

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