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Touching story: See blind guy who just finished his NYSC and his wonderful testimony

We have seen so many stories on earth but this is so torching. A blind guy gives his testimony after finishing his school, I promise you, you will shed tears.

His story goes like this:

Life, they say, is a script and God is the author. I heard that many years ago and I am a living testimony to this fact on this very day.

Today, being 16th of July, made it exactly 10 years my beloved dad was laid to mother earth. Two months earlier, I had lost my elder brother Charles to the cold hands of death. He was a very promising guy who was getting set for his national youth service before his sudden demise.

Mum had already passed on the previous year. My eldest sister, Blessing, who was the only graduate in the family then had no job. And I was still in JSS 3; to eat was a real hustle, talk more of going back to schools. Education for the blind is a serious business anytime anyday. And when one looked at the reality on ground, calling my education a game-over couldn’t have been wrong.

This was a major trauma that my dad had before he died. I can still recall the conversation I had with him on his sick bed a week before his demise.

He said to me with tears all over, “Boy, I wish I could see you through school before I die." It was my dad's desire to see his blind son go to school, but death didn’t allow him to accomplish that while he was alive. But here am I today — on the day he was laid to rest — passing out from the National Youth Service scheme.

What a day! What a coincidence! What an arrangement by God, the author and finisher of life. Thank you Jesus!

To dad, mum and my brother Charles, you people should keep resting! I love all of you, and in my next world, I wish to have all of you in my life.

To all of you who crossed my path in this staggered and tough journey, from the bottom of my heart I say "thank you!" I sincerely can’t thank you all enough. 

To my paternal and maternal families, I say, "thank you." My lecturers at Imo State University Owerri, Alliance Française and au village française merci beaucoup! Je suis content pour étudier la langue française. 

To my coursemates and school mates, "Je suis fier d’être votre comrade." To my mentors and mentees, the inspiration we have shared so far is huge. May you not lack what you desire. To my fellow corps members, may job look for us. And to my good friends and well wishers, may you not lack in all sphere of life. 

NYSC has come and gone with loads of experiences. With a B.A and two diplomas in the bag, I would say that the major preparation has taken place. And the stage is set. Now let the manifestation begin! So help me God.

I sincerely desire your prayers and goodwill as I step into this new phase of my life.

*I am Onyeocha Paschal C.*

*The World of Possibilities/TWP*

We pray God continue to lead you and bless you.

We love you but God loves you the more.

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