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All Federal Government Universities Should Resume Lectures On Virtual Class On This Date (Opinion).

Few months ago precisely in March, 2020, the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari ordered for a total shutdown of the country's economy and every sector of the country including the Educational institutions due to the outbreak of covid19 in the country.

Since the corona virus was recorded in Nigeria, the government have been trying very hard to see the virus totally defeated so the country can return back to normality. It was one the measures to combat the covid19 outbreak in Nigeria that lead to the shutdown of schools across the country for over four months now.

The universities, colleges and primary school were all ordered to close by the federal government. It is already five months now that schools in Nigeria got closed and nothing appears clear that resumption might find it way soon.

Recently, there was ease of the lockdown in the country. This was done in two different phases with exemption of school reopening both primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

My Opinion:

I will advise the federal government of Nigeria to put all necessary things in place for all federal government universities to resume lectures on the 10th of August via virtual class in other to keep the pursuit for educational values by students afresh. 

Many students are already diminishing in knowledge, all FG universities should be equipped to carry on with lectures through virtual mode of class.

It's not longer contesting fact that students are already becoming vulnerable to this situation, many are indulging in crime related offences due to all of this, the government should come to their aide and see that at least they are having their academic activities as expected maybe through computer and online.

If the government can go ahead with the opening of markets, churches, mosques, garages and banks. But still find it unsafe to reopen schools, they should at least provide an environment for Federal universities' students to have their virtual class. It's possible to have lecture virtually, the government should do it for her citizens.

Education of any country is the base of the country's development. I plead with the federal government to consider creating the chance for Federal universities' students to have their lectures in virtual class since schools are considered not safe to resume now.

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