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Before The End Of July, These 20 Schools Should Reopen (Opinion)

Much enthusiasm have been shown by various institutions toward the resumption of school. Coronavirus breakdown brought these trouble of closure of schools, its effect and many other issues created by the pandemic. Even without the schools' effort at making bridges between space omitted, students too are shouting while crying for their resumption.

President Buhari, earlier permitted school resumption for graduating student, to allow them take their graduating exams, but with the look of things, ministry of education made it known that out there is not yet safe for student, and it was reversed

Institutions that are more likely to resume soon are boundless with everyone on board as institute wanting resumption. It is just true that no matter how hard we try, things can't be equal. Some are more passionate that the others. Take your time to go through the list and reason they were nominated.


It is the Nation's oldest University. Situated in the Capital city of Oyo State, Ibadan, the university has more than more reasons to resume faster than others. The admitted candidates for 2019/2020 session has not resumed not to talk of those that just did jamb. It is planning to expand the number of students it admits yearly but fund aren't available to expand its resources. Income will be generated if students resume and these are only few out of reasons they like to resume fast.


Owned by Seventh-day Adventist (SDA), this private university has been trying to compete with the existing champions among universities. It's much forward towards raising record breaking graduates. The vice Chancellor, Prof. Tayo Ademola has boasted he will make the top universities uneasy with his students. Nigerian law school overall student for 2019 came from this same institute. They are desperate to be ranked.

UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS,It is true that getting to the top is easier than maintaining the position. University of Lagos has been Nigerian most rated university according to various ranking carried out by government approved agencies. Retaining its position will be its main target. More construction and enlargement of infrastructures have been going on. Besides, the institution is a centre of tourisms and events. Income generated through non academic means can't be underrated. The management will like to resume soon so the goodies can continue.


Popularly known as the "Lord of the Strikers", the institutions has made much improvement in bringing back their lost glories which were missing during period they striked. Although the university has many irregularities and lacks but it still maintains its standard by making sure it is among Nigerian top 20 university. They have started their first hostel and making renovation. The institution will like to resume fast so they can proof to the world they are meant to be the best university.


The university is located in the ancient city of Calabar, Cross River State. The state is among the states with the lowest number of infected people. Much hasn't been attached to the school but the management frowns at why they are affected by the closure, at least other states shouldn't affect them. They want to close up gaps they lagged behind while others don't have time to. If they get a little chance to resume, they will act fast towards it. 


Anyigba is the place this great institution is located at. Almost same as reasons as the niversity of Calabar, the university raises undergraduates to become big icons. The future of their students stays topmost on the institution's heart. Much hasn't been done in the semester they are in. Their case could be fought for by their state governmen. They are more likely to resume sooner because of the low number of infected people.


Ranked as Nigerian fastest institute, the institute has taken a snail for its transportation this year. They had been affected by ASUU strike before the federal government call for the closure of schools. The institute's standard is unmatched by many others. They generate more funds to pay up their bills even without relying much on the government. They have a record of seventeen years without a single strike. The institute is finding any possible chance to resume, they got to improve on their disabilities.


It may surprise many why this is included, but a deeper thought will reveal all the hidden facts. Coronavirus is said to have spread but we should all remember crime rate doesn't know there is a pandemic. They are need for training of prospective students of the institute so they could help Nigeria through its security. Even with the much increasing number of infected, the government might command they reopen if they notice they are loosing ground somewhere.

ADEYEMI UNIVERSITYOwned by Nigerian famous artiste's father, David Adeyemi, popularly known as "Davido", the private university joins other who wants resumption fast. They had put online classes in place for their students and are planning to do their graduation through online means if resumption doesn't come soon. What a desperation! They are also working towards making their students well sophiscated to compete with international university.

AUCHI POLYTECHNICThrough out the year 2019 and 2020, any polytechnic ranking that doesn't include Auchi Polytechnic among its top three will be considered incorrect. This institute has shown great prowess in developing future leaders which will be good representative and mentors for young children. They want to keep their ranking, but not without reopening. The polytechnic wants resumption as fast as it could come.


It antiquity doesn't affect its standard. Notable icons in Nigeria are alumni of this great university. Recently they have been allowed to take up "Law" after being said not to have resources to take up before. At any instance could they resume. The school is a very good contender for the world. Other parts of world never stop their learning and OAU wouldn't want to be left alone. They have put in place online classes and tutorials but their resumption could come soon.


Named after Chief Olabisi Onabanjo, the university wants to resume fast before things goes worst for education. They offer many courses with the need to keep upgrading everything. It's a state University and income is expected to play more parts than it plays in federal school. The student is their main source of income. Without them now, the school stays silent while not improving much. 


Mention ancient school with The Poly, Ibadan and get laughed at. The institute has been known for great excellence and achievements. It teaches more practicals hereby becoming more useful to artisans and other areas of knowledge. Its closure is a very big distress to many. The school will resume soon if allowed to.


Owned by a church, its contributions generally cannot be underrated. The private institute has made many struggles toward meeting international standard. They rose to being among the top best five university and they aren't willing to let it slip off. Resumption is being wanted at a greater stead. They even alerted the public they are making struggles to check if the federal government will let them resume if they meet the NCDC requirements of staying safe.


Nigeria's identity lies in its monuments and culture. This Zaria based university has a limit it must reach with it's improvement. It has the finest Senate building and many other infrastructures needed to be maintained. Undergraduates of different backgrounds which the school unities together while grooming them aren't to be taken lightly. An idle man is the devil's workshop. The institute wants its students to resume soon.


With the title of the best university of technology in Nigeria, the management of the school is making moves to make its students more enrich in its sector of engineering and technology than anyother will be in the world. Resumption is so precious to the school. Time wasted is wasted, nothing else.


Standards and future of students are not meant to be at stake, the institute believes. "Outbreak shouldn't have caused so much if we can follow the rules", one of the school's student said. Both the institute and students want resumption and may resume. Not even considering the state it's situated at has the largest number of infected people


Shortened to be KWASU, the university are known for their speed in bringing a semester to an end, while not forgetting to sharpen and groom their undergraduates effectively. They generate a lot from their students and economic activities which aren't going on in the school are wanted back. Without even considering the number of infected, the institute might call on NCDC or the ministry of education to fasten their resumption.


It was ranked above the previous contender of the best state University, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho. The school still wants to prove more and keep others away from the position. Their proofs of excellence, their students are being complained to have been affected by the little-studying environment presented by the pandemic. The state it is situated too has one of the lowest rate of coronavirus issues. 


Benin state houses this great citadel of knowledge. It is also among various institute's that calls for resumption. It reasons ranges from a low engagement of students academically, fear of massive failure if resumption is delayed further and even about generation of funds. The institution is also foresee to resume anytime soon.

There are many promising institutions but this set of institutions show more signs and efforts toward resumption.

Kindly drop, your questions and opinion below

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