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How To Write Jamb CBT 2021 When You Are Not Good At Computer.

Today I am going to write an article on guidelines I want to assist some Nigerians students that want to sit for the UTME examination which we all know the examination is going to start next month.

I know so many students are having deficiency or lack of sufficient knowledge while using computer. If such candidate did not buckle up and learn some simple steps in computer then "The candidate is not going to pass the examination because such candidate can’t access the computer".

My reasons for the statement above is that

(1)   Many percentage of UTME students cannot access computer.

(2)   Many percentage of UTME students are not digitalized; they don’t even know what to press while writing the examination

(3)   Some students will be the first time for them to operate computer.

So many students will end-up studying hard and lastly fail the exam because of lack of sufficient knowledge of handling computer.

Let me give you some brief guidance on the use of computer while writing the UTME examination for easy access.

(1)   Keyboard: If the system you are operating is either Laptop or Desktop then you must have a keyboard; the main function of keyboard is to write your UTME number before starting the exam. Secondly when you cannot be able to use mouse, then you can decide to be using the keyboard. For example if your answer is (A) so it will be very difficult for you to drag your mouse to locate (A) and it can even waste your time, so in the process of that, just click (A) in the system and that is all, secondly when you want to go to the next question you can click letter (N) for easy access and suppress of time.

(2)   Mouse: if you are not familiar with using mouse, then it will also be extremely hard for you, in this case I will advise you to just start learning how to use mouse, because you can’t just go and start learning how to use mouse in the CBT examination hall.

Lastly I know that nowadays is hardly to pass 2 house in your area and say nobody has a computer, but I don’t know the kind of area you are.

But if you can’t find anyone then just go and join computer school, computer business center or café so as to be using some limited time like 1-2 hours just to learn how to use computer. The reason why I mentioned those hours is that if you decided to waste your time just learning how to use computer, then how can you read your books and pass for the exam.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to ask me any question relating to the above topic. I also have some PDF material on some guidance on simple way of how to use computer, if you like it just comment so that I will send you the link to download it. 

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