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I Steal For My Son's Education, But This Was How He Paid Me Back [fiction]

This fictional story is just about about a young widow that did the unthinkable for his son. Read the story attentively.

Here's the story

Two years after the death of my husband, I was left alone to cater for the need of our only son, Emeka. He was my hope, my light, and everything to me. He made me proud with his awesome performance at school. 

Emeka at the age of 14 was awarded the best student of the year for junior secondary school chapter. 

Two years later Emeka finished secondary school with the help of constant promotion.

This season is like a dilemma to me because I don't have any money left for his university. I initially thought of telling him to drop out, but that's not a good idea, "why should I waste my son's intelligence like", I questioned myself. 

As the day for the first semester was close, I had no other alternative than to sell my wrappers and jewelries.

The money that I got was only enough to secure admission for him at the University.

As the days passed, I started looking for other means of livelihood so as to continue financing Emeka's education. Some thoughts came to my mind, but I later decided to do the unthinkable, I started stealing from people.

I chose it because of the difficulty in securing a high paying job. I believe that my son will make everything better after he graduates from University. 

On one fateful day, I decided to pay a surprise visit to my son.

On reaching my son's hostel on the campus I started crying, I was left broken and I gathered courage to move closer, our eyes met and he snubbed me and continued his unfinished stick of cigarette in a ring of famous 'bad guys.' I was heartbroken as I remembered that I sold all that i had for this boy. I wept bitterly. THE END.

Who do you think should be blamed here, the mother or the son? And what is your advice for people suffering the same problem. Please reply so that others can contribute. 

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