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The many travails of a medical student in Nigeria

Being a medical student in Nigeria require courage and perseverance because you'll be faced with various challenges

1. Long lecture hours at a stretch: some classes start in the morning and ends in the evening with little break.

2. Large volume of school work to study in a short space of time.

3. Resort to cramming some stuff because they just refuse to stick to the brain.

4. Financial hurdles: yeah, medicine require money.

5. Uncertainties: because a senior colleague today might become junior colleague tomorrow.

6. Constant reminder of how dull you are by your lecturers.

7. Feeling of being inadequate because the results of some exams will not be palatable.

8. Possibility of being sent out of medical school after many years pressures way and pattern Nigeria's medical schools are structured is as though the students have been programmed to fail from the beginning. Imagine a medical school with the capacity to graduate 50 students, this same school will admit almost 200 student at the beginning thereafter device means to cut the student population at every given step. This put pressures on the students leading to some of them performing below the standard.

These are some of the travails medical students in Nigeria are faced with, but in all those who persevere to the end comes out victorious. Stick around fellas, victory is sure.

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