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Secondary Education


How Secondary Schools Can Improve The Standard Of Education In Nigeria

The mass failure recorded in the 2021 Unified Tertiary Institutions Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a pointer to the fact that the standard of secondary education is falling in Nigeria. It is therefore important to make concerted efforts to reverse this condition. Secondary schools have important roles to play in this regard. Here are some ways of improving.

To begin with, only students that have successfully completed the primary school syllabus should be admitted into the secondary schools. A child should not just be admitted to a secondary school because the parents want him be in such school. How can a child that missed Primary 5 be able to cope in Junior Secondary Schools? Such student will end up looking for ways of cutting corners. School are not supposed to be operated as ordinary business enterprises. The future of the pupil should be considered. In the same way, students should be allowed to complete their secondary education before writing the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

There is also need for training and retraining of teachers. It is practically impossible to use twentieth century style to teach students in the new millennium. Teachers need to also be involved in coordinating and marking of external examinations (especially WAEC and NECO examinations). Even if you (as a teacher) are not an examiner, you will learn a lot by taking part in the the marking coordinator exercise.

Schools should regularly engage students in impromptu debates and quiz competition. Winners in each of such competition should also be given prizes. This will encourage every students in the schools to prepare for such competition.

For effective learning to place, classes should be conducive for learning. It is therefore important that the class should not be overcrowded and every child should be conveniently seated. There is also need for proper ventilation. 

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