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See the reasons why universities can't resume this year

We have all been waiting for school to reopen since the government closed all the schools in the country in March.

Well even if the government decided to reopen the schools in the country it seems the universities are not reopening anytime soon.

This is according to the president of ASUU, Biodun Ogunyemi, in an interview today also clarified his position on the reports that the union urged the government not to reopen schools until 2021.

He said during the interview even if the government eventually reopens schools, it has nothing to do with universities as they are battling with a series of crisis.

He claimed that the reason behind the closing down of universities in the country is beyond COVID-19.

He also went further to say that until the government mewt the necessary conditions, universities are not reopening even after COVID19.

He also said that most of the institutions in the country are not well equipped which will make it impossible for student to follow government guidelines when they are ordered to resume.

He also urged the government to pay attention to the education sector as he is doing to the health sector.

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