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Remember The Huge Aluminum Pots That Were Made By Yoruba Blacksmiths? See More Pictures Of Them Here

Nigerians are recognized by their ability to create things.You might have come across alot of inventions and innovations that were made by Nigerians.Amongst the numerous ethnic groups in Nigeria is the Yoruba people.These people are intellectual gifted in the sense that they can produce alot of things that you wouldn't have thought could be produced.Come to think of it,the Yorubas are often scholars in the sense that they love to learn alot of things.

If you were to check through all the families in Yorubaland,you would surely find someone who is a professor or lecturer there.Aside just engaging in learning activities,the Yoruba people are very innovative and you would surely agree with me on that.

While i was surfing the internet,i saw some aluminum pots that were designed and crafted by some Yoruba blacksmiths.The size of the aluminum pots is just out of this world.The pots were made by blacksmiths from Saki in Oyo state.

The size of these pots is just huge and i don't think that a household would want to use pots that are this huge.The pots are so huge that you could easily see that they are almost at the same height as the man who stood close to them.

See more pictures of the pots below;

Well,to end things here, I'd like to say that the Yoruba people are truly moving forward by being innovative and building wondering things.These pots are proof that the Yoruba people are getting better and better everyday.

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