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21 Things You Will Never Learn In School Till You Graduate

Information is the way to development. A person who doesn't improve their psychological status day by day should deteriorate in scholarly introductions. 

Knowing the things around you and your reality consistently gives you certainty to talk when others talk. It likewise causes you to secretly contend about a specific point unafraid. 

The following are some fundamental things you have to know as a person.

1. Did you know? September 1752 had 19 days Accroding to history.

(Reason: 11 days was being removed as a result of England migrating from the Roman Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar that year).

2. Did you know ? There is a town known as Nothing because nothing Exist in it

It is located at eastern Mohave County, Arizona, USA

3. Did you know? One spaghetti is called spaghetto.

4. Did you know ?The longest alphabetic name in the world is New Zealand

(With almost 85 alphabet).

5. Did you know? The compulsory dot in small letter 'i' and 'j' is called tittle?

6. Did you know? 'Dreamt' is the only word that end with "MT"

7. Did you know ? Letter "C" is pronounced differently in " pacific oceans"

8. Did you know Ethiopia country calendar is far from other countries? They are still in 2012.

9. Did you know ? 'oxymoron' means?

( oxy = sharp and moron=dull)

10. Did you know that "Q" is the only English alphabet that doesn't appear in US state list?

11. Did you know? A complete 50,000 work novel was published without letter E.

12. Did you know that "EDO" seem to be the real name for Tokyo.

13. Did you know? Spell "stressed" backward and get desserts

14. Did you know? No butter in buttermilk.

15. Did you know? 'strengths' seems to be the longest word in the English language with a single vowel? (8 consonants, 1 vowel).

16. Did you know? Frogs can't swallow anything with there eyes open.( They find it difficult to do)

17. Did you know ?No one is allowed to sell chewing gum in Singapore(you are not also allowed to chew gums as well).

18. Did you know? Albert Einstein's brain was stole away after his death.

19. Did you know? It's not acceptable to own one guinea pig in Switzerland country?

20. Did you know? owls seem to be the only bird that see blue color.

21. Did you know ? The ever hard thing to see in your dream is a working clock.

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