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For Fun: If Your Child Attends A Nigerian School, Then You Will Understand These 10 Pictures

Every one of us has parents who try their best to send us to school, so that we can be better than them in life. No matter how expensive education is, it is cheaper than ignorance. Today, we will be taking a look at some pictures about Nigerian schools which only parents will understand. Most Nigerian schools, always demand things like, tissue paper and soap, excursion fee and more from thier students and in turn the students will go to their parents who do every thing they can to give them whey they want.

1. When Your Child Runs Up To You Looking Like This, Just Know They Need Money For Excursion.

2. After he is done disturbing you for tissue paper and soap but you are broke, so you promise them that you will give him two tissue and soap on Monday unfailingly. This is the way your child will look at you.

3. Your reaction, when your child enters your kitchen and begins to carry your yam and salt because Mrs. Bimbo said they should bring foodstuffs for practical.

4. That moment when you are trying to help your child with his homework, but every move you make, he will stop you and tell you, "It's not like that, see how Aunty Bimbo told us to solve it".

5. Your reaction, when your child took 3rd position and you bought him a bicycle for making you proud but, but little did you know that they are only three students in his class.

6. That moment when your child tells you his teacher refused to collect his exercise book, because it is not the school that made it, so you tell him to wrap the book with newspaper, so his teacher won't know.

7. That moment when your son's birthday is approaching and you overhear him telling his classmates that his mother said he will celebrate it in school.

8. That moment when your child gives you a full list of the textbooks Aunty Bimbo said they should buy.

9. That dreaded moment, when you are all dressed up, ready to go to your shop on a Saturday morning and then, you receive a text message on your phone from your children' school reminding you to attend the upcoming PTA meeting, and that failure to attend will attract the fine of 1500 Naira per child, and you know you cannot afford to miss the meeting, because, six of your children attend the school.

10. That moment when you finish preparing your child's food and packing it in his lunch box, but then, your son refuses to take the food because It's Fruit Week and Mrs. Bimbo said they should bring fruit salad to school.

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