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Mistakes To Avoid If Your Choice Is To Study Abroad With A Scholarship

If you have the ambition to secure a scholarship abroad, in the USA, Canada, and the like, you have to avoid certain mistakes.

1. Do not choose a project topic that's not relevant to your field of study. Choosing that will affect the trend while looking for admission. Unless you can explain why you have chosen it and the correlation between the project topic and your field of study.

2. Do not choose a project supervisor who cannot give you well-deserved supervision. Having an innovative research topic and a publication will help you well. More so, your supervisor should be able to give you a very strong reference letter to back your scholarship application. So, think deeply before you choose your supervisor.

3. Do not rush to accept a graduate assistantship in your previous school. That might affect your progress in terms of scholarship and lower your thinking ability. This is because you will be seeing yourself as someone who's okay. You may find it difficult to proceed.

4. Make sure your undergraduate course of study aligns with your intending course of study abroad. Else you may run into a problem during the Visa process or you have to be able to convince them why the disparity.

There are more mistakes to avoid, I only remember a few. You know more than I do and you can add more.

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