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How to Understand Mathematics

If you want to understand academic mathematics, just take it as a language. If you have ever learnt a language before, I believe you know what it takes. Learning a language will take a lot of time and effort. You will have to understand the basics first. After that, you can dive into the next level. So is the academic mathematics that they make you think is complicated. It is not going to be complicated again if you humble yourself and understand it.

I was once a victim before —one who saw maths as difficult. But, like I have emphasized, mathematics is not difficult, save for the Academic mathematics. Just take the academic mathematics like a new language that you need to learn.

I took Mathematics as a new language when I failed it in the first year of my high school. It was terrible because almost everyone would see you as a dull student whether you liked it or not. I wasn’t ready for that, so I had to humble myself and learn mathematics like a language. It wasn’t easy at first because you would want to give up, but I had to keep up the fight so as to come out ready. Almost every day, after a maths session at school, I would return home to study what was done at school. I would ensure I understood that topic and did examples related to the topic just to keep my head going in the language. I also listened to the testimonies of students who were good in the subject. 

They said they were always hungry for more. Whenever they were given assignments, they saw them as scanty. So they would scout for more complements just to add to their assignments. I was impressed, so I started seeing my mathematics assignments as small chunks. I wasn’t satisfied with them anymore. That gave me a kind of urge that suddenly made me to start liking the subject. It eventually became an abstract food to me. And I was glad to gnaw it every day. While doing all of that, I began to understand the basics and structures of academic mathematics. It wasn’t complicated for me again because I started hitting high grades in the subject, instead of the low ones I used to have.

I was also not in the least far from my past days with the subject. I knew I wasn’t yet conversant with most of the things that were taught to me in my previous classes. I didn’t want to start slacking in the subject when I believed I was already in line with it, so I had to go back to past terms and topics that I wasn’t able to understand before. And that really helped me to understand the future ones because they are related.

But before striving to grasp the academic maths, I overheard what shook me to the path of understanding it. Even if I wasn’t there, I think I was somehow abreast with the path. But I needed a factor to push me right into the lane.

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