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Gideon and His 300 Words On How to Achieve Your Dreams

Firstly you have to conceive a dream you have to be sure and make it clear enough what you wish to become in life, what role you wish to play in life and for whom you wish to be remembered. We are on the most unpredictable and tempting surface in the universe, the idea of just living and hoping to achieve greatness without any specific dream is like randomly throwing stones at a coconut tree. The greatest people remembered to have lived on Earth mostly had one thing in common "A Dream".      

  Secondly set your goals: Next is to set your goals that will help you achieve your dream, you will need to have both long and short-term goals. long-term goals are what you look forward to achieving in 10 to 15 years time in line with your dream, while short-term goals are what you look forward to achieving from now to 3 or 5 years time these goals are very important stages in the journey to your dream, as they act as a compass, in which your short-term goals guide you to your long-term goals, which then guide you to your dream. 

   Thirdly, draw up good plans: These are your day-to-day steps taken to help achieve a goal Example: if your dream is to help humanity live a healthy life. Then one of your long-term goals could be to become a doctor or a nurse or basque in any related profession. Then one of your short-term goals could be to ensure you gain admission into an institution that can give you the required education and certification. And one of your plans could be ensuring you are well grounded in secondary school subjects that will help you gain admission into such institutions. It is just as simple as that.

 plans -- short-term goals -- long-term goals -- dreams 

  "In as much as we all want to dream big, I will employ us all to have dreams that would help improve humanity and make the world a better place"

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