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Things To Do If WAEC And Schools Are Postponed

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During this period, there has been some series of drastic change in the decision making of our leaders, everyone is confused.

What if waec is postponed and schools are not opened, What will you do? Will you just sit down at home?

I am here to provide answers to those questions, so I will tell you the things you can do or activities you can partake in:

1. Vocational Training

Don't be surprised at my first answer, Vocational training is the first thing you ought to do if schools and waec are postponed. There are some vocational jobs which can be learnt for six months like cake making, tie and dye, barbing, hairdressing, graphic designing and many more. If you learn those vocational jobs, it can serve as a source of income to you when you get back to school.

2. Online Business

Doing online business is also a very good answer to my question, during this period things are so tight, so when you venture into online business and you are selling items like clothes, bag, shoes, jeweleries and other things, you can help your parents with the profit you have earned from such business. You can also start writing for opera news hub where you can earn more money.

3. Work on your talent

Since we are on a long holiday, you now have the time to unveil your talent and work on it, some talents are easy to unveil while some are hard but when you are focused and settled, you will gradually understand your talents.

4. Join A Sport Academy

My fourth answer partially goes along with the 3rd answer, because the ability of you being a good footballer is a talent. After you have unveiled your talent and you know it us sport, the next step for you is to join a sport academy where you can be trained to become a professional athlete and with that, you can see a sponsorer who will sponsor you through out your educational level.

Please comment if you have more activities people can partake in.

Please share so that people can gain one or two things.

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