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Should I Choose A Polytechnic Or A College Of Education?

Candidates that have low scores in the Unified Tertiary Institutions Matriculation Examination (UTME) often find it difficult to choose between a polytechnic or college of education. This article seeks to guide students to make a good choice between the two.

It should be noted that colleges of education award the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) while polytechnics award National Diploma (ND). Holders of NCE begin civil service on Grade Level 7 while holders of ND begin at Grade Level 6. Any individual that hopes to be employed as a senior staff in the civil service should opt to study in a college of education. In Nigeria today, the sector that seems to employ most people every year seems to be the education sector. This means that the with NCE, your chances of employment are higher.

After your NCE program, you can pursue direct entry admission into any university of your choice. If you wish to continue in education line, you can choose between two of the teaching subjects that you studied at NCE level. For science students, some universities accept NCE for admission into non-education courses. It is also possible for NCE graduates to continue their study by moving into an HND program. Going for NCE therefore gives you more options for the future.

If you are an arts student, you have limited options of courses in the polytechnic. In fact, many polytechnics do not have courses for arts students. In colleges of education, there are several course combinations for everyone. Arts students are therefore advised to go for NCE programs.

The requirement for admission into a college of education is usually lower than the requirement for admission into the polytechnic. For example the minimum mark required for admission into colleges of education in 2020/2021 is 100 while that of polytechnics is 120. Thus, your probability of getting admitted a the college of education is higher.



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