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WHAT DID I DO WRONG? A right question that has killed many. Here is the right answer.

Many are depressed today not because of break ups, betrayal, rape, segregation or racism. Many are depressed because after all they have done to have good life, good home, good education, good relationship, they are not just getting what they deserve or really worked for.

Many parents after trying so hard to brought their children up in what is call or seems to them and the society to be the "right way". They are still not getting the attentions or rewards they deserve from their children. The " right way" varies, what might seem to be the right way to some people, is what is wrong to another. For example, some parent, believe in starving their children as the right way to correct them. To some, is beatings, while to some is sitting their children down and explain to them what they are doing or what they did is wrong, is their own right way. 

As we all know, the joy of every parent is to see their children become successful in life. With this in mind, many parents taught their children how to be independent and do things on their own without the help of others. I'm not saying this is bad, but most children after leaving their parents to be on their own they hardly let their parents know what is going in their lives, in fact, some even forgot to wish their parents happy birthday or happy father's day or Mother's day. Is their fault, their are at stage that they don't need anybody's help even their parents, they have to work hard to build their lives forgetting patents is part of their lives.

On education aspect, many students focus more or give most of their attention to their primary assignment which is to read and graduate with good grades. I'm not saying is a bad thing to do, but good grade alone is not what we need to survive in labour market, marriage, even at place of works. Secondary activities like, School Election, School party, School Sport activities, making of friends, learning how to relate with people especially fellow students, are some of the secondary activities that some students see as distraction because they are not class activities and won't add any value to their grades. Now, even with their good grades, work environment, day to day politics, marriage problems, they find it difficult to handle. Because they were not taught in class, while at school.

Also, some men as well as ladies, will do anything and everything to make a relationship work. Some will even lower their standard, gave out their self esteem just to be in a relationship with a guy or girl they so much love. But yet, they did not get the kinds of attention they think they deserve from their partners. By this they got heart broken, and depressed along the line. Nothing is wrong about that too. Those are things we do for love.

The set of people discussed above all have one question in common which is "WHAT DID I DO WRONG" or "WHERE DOES IT GOES WRONG". They asked themselves this question, but to get the right answer. "You did everything right" that's the answer.

Content created and supplied by: OlufisayoJakes (via Opera News )


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