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College Education


Education often affect success, click to discover the reasons.

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I will be very brief, so you can capture my points in quick time.

Most of The world's successful men, have actually proven it to us, that 'Education is not a way to success'. It's only a guide to the way.

Some of these people are:

1. Bill Gate, the world's 2nd richest man.

2. Levi Strauss, The founder of Jeans, etc.

Lest you forget, there are two sides of a guide, it's either you befall the negative side or the positive side. These two are self-explanatory.

Yes, there is this tendency that when you are educated, you think broad. This broad thought, was exactly what got people into critical things like 'Yahoo, hacking, and so many others that you can think of'.

But illiterates, think little but of good qualities, an example of this kind was Abraham Lincoln, Aliko Dangote, Levi Strauss, the original maker of blue jeans, etc.

Demerits of Education

1. Unemployment: Not every educated person's can establish a company for themselves, probably because of the nature of their course.

2. Pride: Many people felt they can not do petty business because of the kind of certificate they are holding.

3. Busyness: Many students are opportuned to work in a company or other places where they will actually make it in life. But couldn't go into that because they want to concentrate with their studies.

Tragically for most, they end up not getting the jobs later on in their life, and may finally end up as an unemployed person, etc.

There's nothing that has disadvantages without advantages, so let's examine their advantages:

Merits of Education

1. It's a guide to the way of success

2. It improves ones knowledge

3. It make us aware of internal and external things across the globe, etc.

My prayer for you is "Education shall favour your life". Please reciprocate by liking and making comments on this article.

...Thanks for reading.

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