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How to survive in a nursing school

Nursing is one of the most admired professions, most individual's wants to be nurses. Nursing is an inspiring, innovative, lucrative job, requiring the nurse to spend a lot of time with the sick, the nurse is expected to be patient, kind, humble and have a calm demeanor.

For you to be a good student nurse, you need to be strong, articulative and knowledgeable. Firstly, you have to pass the preliminary training school exam, the training last for six months , at the end of the six months, exams are conducted, if you are successful, you are enrolled fully into the school program.

It takes another 2years and 6 months training for you to write the professional council exam, known as the Nursing council exam, if you are successful at first attempt, a license is being issued to you, to practice as a nurse, but if you fail, you are given two more chances to rewrite the exam. If the chances elapses without you passing the exams, you are expected to try other professions.

To survive in nursing schools, it requires tenancy, persistency, willingness to learn, listening and following directives from the lecturers and senior students, asking questions when confused to get clarifications and help when necessary.

For those who would prefer to study nursing in the universities, it requires 5years classroom learning and clinical instruction experiences, it is expected that at 400l you are eligible to write the professional exams, if successful a license and a certificate would be given to you on the day you will be properly inducted into the professional after you are done with your degree exams at 500l, which now qualifies you for internship and youth service, a year for internship and a year for youth service.

Nursing school experience is very amazing and intriguing, mine was exciting. You can make comments about your experience if you attended one_to encourage those who are interested and want to be nurses.

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