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5 Perfect Tricks to Learn Any Skill Without Paying for It

My personal experience inspired me to share this article with you. I have been a lover of entertainment for over 20 years. At a point, just about six years ago, I developed interest in film making, video production and video editing. To God be the Glory, I'm now a professional film maker, videographer, editor and content creator. I advice you to carefully read this article from beginning to the end for you to gain from it.

It has been concluded that the world is now a global village. Everything is connected in this 21st century, but it appears that so many people still can't take advantage of what is available for us to share ideas.

Gone are those days, when one would have to serve someone for about three years or more before such person could aquire a skill which is popularly called "handwork".

Have you ever wondered, why some Nigerian youths are doing well in their chosen handwork? In this article, I'm going to share how they do it with you, by telling you the five major tricks and ways they usually adopt to learn any skill they want, including myself.

Let's dive into it.

1. First of all, your passion is key to learning what you want to learn. When your passion is very strong, trust me the next step would be as simple as ABC.

2. Make a strong decision on what you have passion for, that want it and that you are ready to face whatever challenge which may come up while going for your passion.

3. Begin to spend a lot of time online searching for topics in your chosen anticipated skill. For instance, let's say you want to learn photography. Go to Google and search for words like "photography tutorial for beginners"; "how to become a photographer" etc.

The interesting part of Google search is that, whatever word you type to search, you will see plenty of other suggestions. Take your paper and pen, then write down as many keywords suggestions as possible. These would become your syllabus. After you might have written down your topics, then begin to search for materials to read. Make a textbook for yourself. This trick would enable you to understand the theoretically aspect of the skill.

4. Now that you have searched for material on Google, the next step is to migrate to YouTube search. YouTube is a powerful place to practically learn anything. Remember you have all your topics written down. Apply the same methodology you adopted on Google search for YouTube search, then begin to watch as many videos as possible. Professionals across the world would make you a guru.

5. Now that you have watched tutorial videos. Start to practice, as they say, practice makes perfection. In no time, you have gotten yourself a skill.

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Feel free to share this article with your friends and family to help someone else.

Thanks for reading.

I love you all.

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