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Stop saying “I’m in bus” it’s wrong. You can use the word instead...

When Speaking English with good vocabulary makes people respect you and deserve accolades . People see you as well learned when you speak good grammar.

Learning English language is like gaining knowledge and ideas and skills for the purpose of understanding when communicating to people around you or globally .gaining knowledge of a language takes place everywhere within the world. This is why studying the simple rules of English concord will become imperative.

The use of this word is very common to a lot of people out there

it’s high time you stopped saying “I’m in the bus”. The in as preposition is not a right word that’s suitable with the sentence. These is how you make use of the words in a sentence properly, you could rather say “I’m on the bus”.

here are somethings you should also know. It would help to improve and guide your learning and vocabulary skills

never say he has k-leg —————— he has knock knees

i have a shoe ———————— I have a pair of shoes

He likes watching movies————He like seeing movies

Drinking water —————— drinkable water

it’s high time i leave ————- it’s high time I left

I’m in bus ————————— I’m on bus

i have two,three friends———I have two or three friends

i stay at Lagos ———— I live in Lagos

i spent my holiday in US ————I spent my holiday at US

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