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Why Are Schools Asking Parents To Pay Full School Fees When This Term Will Last For 7 Weeks?

The global outbreak of the deadly coronavirus and the subsequent lock-down order have altered the world calendar, schools activities inclusive. Things have never been the same after the lock-down. Normally, schools should be in their first-term or first session of the 2020/2021 academic session. Instead, they are backward.

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Schools in Nigeria (Primary and Secondary) were rounding off their second term examinations before they were ordered to close. All schools in Nigeria closed in the month of March, 2020. The school children stayed at home for 6 months.

Schools didn't resume until last month, September, not in all the States anyway l. Anambra State, Ondo State, etc, opened in the first week of September. Other States followed towards the ending.

Schools in Anambra State will be rounding up any moment to resume another new session in this month. They will run the current section for 6 weeks and go for brief break before resuming for the first-term of 2020/21 academic session. Other States like Enugu will run the current term for 8 weeks.

The question now is, if schools are not running the complete 12 weeks school calendar due to the reason we already know, why are parents paying full or complete tuition fees (school fees) for the half term?

This answer to this question is not far. This is the only thing private school owners and mission should do to be able to pay the arrears they owe to their teachers. Again, schools organised online lessons during the lock-down which government ordered them not to collect any fees from the parents. Most of the schools covered their scheme of works during this online lessons.

The few weeks are used for assessment since a lot of works have been taught in the online lessons. If parents did not pay complete for this short term, there is no way the private school owners will get money to pay the teachers from the month of May till date.

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On the other side, even though there are good reasons to justify why parents pay complete tuitions of their children, the plight of parents should also be considered.

The beds are not that roses for the parents. We are at home together during the lock-down. It is not better off on their sides. They too need help.

I am writing as a parents. I am also writing as a sister to school owners and the teachers. It is the way it is hurting me in my pocket is the same way it is hurting them. I was expecting that the parents will be asked to pay the half of the school fees since the term will be brief.

The reason is that the new session will be coming shortly. Parents are likely to pay school fees twice within a very short period.

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