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If You're A Teacher, Stop Dictating Only Notes To Students & Do This In Classrooms For Better Learning -Omojuwa

This is the 21st century and things have evolved rapidly as we are in the technology era filled with gadgets and other equipments, hence the need to change how we do things.

Schooling which is a very vital part of our life needs to be addressed as we are witnessing more of digital learning across most fields. The idea of taking down notes to be read by students seems to be outdated and that's the perception held by a renowned Nigerian, Omojuwa.

Japheth Omojuwa who is a Nigerian author, public speaker, political commentator as well as social media expert has voiced concerns over the ancient concept of teacher dictating notes to students and expecting them to read, come back and give back that same content.

He took to his verified Twitter handle to share his opinion where said classrooms are meant to be characterised by debates, conversations and teachings in order for the future to be saved.

This can't be far from the truth as we still have many teachers who still use more than half the time allocated to them dictating to the students with less time for explanation and concrete exchange of knowledge through discussion.

Some students have also been made to believe not to question what the teachers teach as they are compelled to answer questions in a particular way which suits the teachers; any other creative way seems to be a deviation from the norm.

What do you think about Omojuwa's statement regarding the need to change the classroom routine?

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