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Possible Ways To Grow Yourself, As An Undergraduate

Being an undergraduate is really amazing to some extent, other than the book work and classes, you live your life almost free from your parents supervision on campus. 

Although, so many persons experience drastic changes on campus and this could be good or bad as the case may be. Life on campus is really a time to groom yourself on your own. 

As an undergraduate, you have so many platforms you could get involve in, to build yourself and grow you for your future. Some programs that are in dying need of undergraduate to participate in. 

Knowing how and when to do this is a major task to so many students as only few seize the opportunities before them. Being a student is fun but growing yourself in the process is more fun. 

As an undergraduate, you can learn different skills, and earn different certification, while you join different groups to boost your awareness towards the future. 

Some Possible Programs that can help you grow as an undergraduate:

1. Volunteer Programs: Students don't see volunteer program as anything. They either see it as free work, but in the real sense, this is empowerment skill program in disguise. 

Lot of companies today see it as a way of knowing how well you can drive their company, through your experience as a young graduate. Also, this will boost your CV and some do give certification of recognition. 

2. Sustainable Development Goals: This is another serious one, and it's done globally. We have different bodies and organization involved in this SDGs programs and it's usually free and full of practical sections. 

What these SDGs program do for student is to actually give them the platform to think and exercise their knowledge. Some time you don't need to have an idea, but through the program you will conceive one. 

It's recognised by the United Nations and certification is usually involved in this. For example, Millennium Campus Network, YALI etc are involved in this program with certification. This will grow you and give you an edge among other students.

3. Joining Organization On Campus: Student see this as stress but some organization on campus is there to train and build you up. 

As a student, you have to devote yourself and time to some if this organization, and it's usually your free time towards in the evening or weekends mostly. 

Some very good organizations that build and exposes student to future engagements are; Junior Chambers International (JCI), Red Cross Society, Man-O-War and so on. They hold programs on so many things and some of them can help you earn certifications.

4. Applying for ICT Programs: Some student just see this as nothing but most ICT programs will not only build you, but expose you to technological advancements. 

The world is moving technologically and with these free programs on campus, is a plus to you. Sometimes, these programs teaches you how digital literacy knowledge prepare you for work anywhere in the world. 

5. Getting involve Competitions: Most students are shy, and scared of getting involving on campus competitions. This is another way you can grow yourself and overcome fear. 

Like some schools organize this competition to boost student confidence and getting involve will also help in building yours.

Thanks for reading this article. 

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