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The six(6) interesting way to have knowledge

Good day guys, we all knw in this world, knowledge is important in our life, nobody in this world can predict or say he/she did not want knowledge in his/her life because without knowledge we are nothing, one professor once said "is not orphan people that his/her parents is dead" but " orphan people are People that are lost in knowledge and respect " i knw some people will believe that orphan people are people that his/her parent is dead, it is true physically but it does not true spiritually because if we don't have parent anymore and we have respect and knowledge, we can go a long way in life but if we don't have knowledge, we will be nothing in this life.

so guys, I am here today to tell you the six interesting way to have knowledge and mind you if any of this six way did not stand in you, you can't have the knowledge you are seeking for. And also mind you is not ordinary knowledge, it may be knowledge for education, knowledge for learning work, knowledge for sports or knowledge on anything.

So this are the six way to follow if you want to have knowledge:

To be interested:

you must be interested in whatever you want yo do, if they force you to do that thing and you are not interested, I bet you, you can't knw the knowledge you want to step in for.

Be patient:

You must be patient in any knowledge you want to step in, tf you are not patient , I bet you, you can never knw what you want to do.

Unempty stomach

guys, your stomach must not be empty, your stomach must fill with food, I.e you must eat before you set in for whatever you want to do.

Teachers guidelines:

You must follow your teachers instructions, if the teacher is teaching you something and he/ she said you should repeat that thing ten times, don't say if I reapeat it two times I will be able to knw it, you do not knw maybe the teacher itself repeat that thing ten times before he/she knows it, so also follows the instructions and guidelines of the teachers teaching you.


guys, find time for whatever you are doing, creat time to practice them, and is not just ordinary short time, create a long time for it.

Thank you guys for reading my post please like ,share and also comment . thanks may God bless you all.

Content created and supplied by: Haryordeeji (via Opera News )


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