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Why poor people pay very expensive school fees for their children

Some people pay outrageous fee for his or her kids to attend very expensive schools, it's not just the education they're paying for.They're paying to secure valuable future networking for his or her kids, to possess a seat at the rich's table. This was made known by a Twitter user named Kelvin Odanz@MrOdanz, a documented and highly followed writer on Twitter.

He said the rich stay rich by networking among themselves, the youngsters of the wealthiest parents today are considerably likely to be the wealthiest tomorrow. they could not be as rich as their parents (a good example is Dangote), but they'd control a considerable amount of wealth. 

Wealth normally creates more wealth: Wealth = CAPITAL.

So, if, say Otedola, Dangote, Adenuga send their kids to Covenant, here's what happens when a bourgeoisie family gets their kids to Covenant:

1. They need a link to the Otedola/Dangote/Adenuga family. Say, the youngsters become friends... Family friends? Boom. Juicy friendship

2. They're ensuring their kids get a ticket to wealthy club of the longer term , because the longer term families of Dangote etc are presumably wealthy in the future. 

Paying heavily and extravagantly is just merely making it possible your kids "get acquainted with them," means them getting a reserved seat at tomorrow's "rich men club."

So when people pay that massive amount for "education", there's more thereto .

Mr. Odanz noted that education in itself is sort of cheap. But networking is dear .

Networking is Transcorp, Networking is golf, Networking is covenant Uni.

Or any social setting where the Rich thrive like parties.

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