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The Most difficult course to study in University revealed. See the position of your choice

Here is the list of the most difficult course to study in University.

1st- Architecture.

2nd- Chemical Engineering.

3rd- Chemistry.

4th- Electrical Engineering.

5th- Physics.

6th- Mechanical Engineering.

7th- Civil Engineering.

8th- Biochemistry.

9th- Medicine.

10th- Pharmacy.

11th- Engineering.

12th- Nursing.

13th- Math.

14th- Biology.

15th- Philosophy.

16th- Mathematics.

17th- Statistics.

18th- Music.

19th- Microbiology.

20th- Psychology.

21st- Accounting.

22nd- Finance.

23rd- Environmental Science.

24th- Creative Writing.

25th- Hospitality.

26th- International Relations.

27th- Art History.

28th- Ecology.

29th- Urban Planning.

30th- Foreign Languages.

31st- Animal Science.

32nd- Law.

33rd- Economics.

34th- Political Science.

35th- Education.

36th- Advertising.

37th- Journalism.

38th- Finance.

39th- Hospitality.

40th- Criminology.

41st- Accounting.

42nd- Anthropology.

43rd- Psychology.

44th- History.

45th- Geography.

46th- Information Technology.

47th- Sociology.

48th- Sports Science.

49th- Social Sciences.

50th- Real Estate.

51st- Liberal Arts.

52nd- Communications and Mass Media.

53rd- Business.

54th- Marketing.

55th- Public Relations.

Let us know the position of your course

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