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The essence of going through the process

Growth is processional and for every phase of life there is a process.A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular goal. When a child is born,he/she doesn't start eating meat that same day.They go through the process of breastfeeding and gradually grow teeths before learning how to chew. So it is for everyone of us,for us to achieve any goal in life there are processes we must go through. Our father is a God of process,whatsoever you're going through today it is preparing you for tomorrow.It is the process for that which you want to achieve you're in right now. Everybody wants to be successful but very few are ready to follow the process.The process is always filled with so many ups and down moments.The process is the time for preparation for what lies ahead.The process teaches the best lessons that can't be learnt in a classroom. In the process,your faith,determination and will-power is tested.For whatever you want in life you have to fight for it. The process will test all of these if you really want that which your heart is panting for or it's just a wishful thinking,it will all be revealed in the process. We are in a generation where people want to get results but don't want to go through the process. The process is the time for pruning,a time where you get the necessary materials to become that which you have sent your mind to. The process entails stretching,breaking,moulding,learning, unlearning and relearning. If you must become all that God wants you to be,you must go through the process.The process precedes manifestation,for a man to be revealed to His world as a medical doctor or pastor he must have gone through medical school and Bible school respectively.These are part of the process they had to undergo before becoming. The process will reveal so many things you never knew you had in you.The process reveals your strengths and weaknesses to you,it exposes the part of you that needs to be worked on to fulfil destiny. The process is a time of growth and nothing grows conveniently you have to be exposed to different conditions to grow.And these conditions will stretch you but it's for your benefit because you have to grow.You can't go through the process in your comfort zone,the process usually takes you out of your comfort zone because nothing grows in the comfort zone.For example if you don't go through the process to acquire wealth,you won't be able to multiply or sustain it.You will definitely loose it this is why the process is very essential. It gives you experiences that will shape you for life in line with what you're pursuing. And with the experiences you develop strategies to conquer every challenge you come across. The process is important in the life of a christain because it helps to strengthen our faith,trust and hope in God.You as a businessman don't be afraid to start small,the Bible says though your beginning might be small,your latter shall greatly increase.Go through the process and learn for you're creating a track record for yourself that no one has.Continue faithfully in the process and don't cut corners or run away from the process.when you get weak,draw strength from the Master and move on.Never give up because your story will inspire millions of people someday.

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