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How Writing For Opera Prevented Me From Being A School Dropout

As we continue to live in this world, we realize that things don't really go as we have planned them to be. While I was growing up, I planned I was going to study medicine in the University of Oxford but as I got to senior secondary three I changed my mind because of the way things were at that time. I then decided that I will school in the University of Ibadan, i never knew God had other plans for me. In this article, I will be sharing with you all how Writing for opera prevented me from being a school dropout.

I wrote Jamb in 2017 and I was offered admission to study biochemistry in Ambrose Alli University instead of the University of Ibadan. Although I was disappointed, I was still happy because the Bible says we should give thanks to God in every situation we find ourselves in. I made preparations, I bought all the the things that needed, I paid all my fees and I resumed school. I finished my 100 level without any financial problem because my dad was a wealthy man and he gave me all I needed.

In 2018, things began to fall apart in my family, my father chased us out of his house for no just reason and he threatened not to train me in school again, my luck then was that I had already paid my 200 level school fees before everything happened. My mother was dumbfounded because she was a full house wife and we had nowhere to go. My mom had 500k in her account then and she used the money to rent an apartment that we would live in. After all the expenses, she was left one hundred and fifty thousand naria, I was so sad and heart broken, all the thoughts I had then was how was I going to feed in school and how will my mother train my siblings alone knowing she had no job. I resumed school despite all the challenges, and I struggled to finish my 200 level.

In 2019, I was planning to resume my 300 level when my mother told me that she won't be able to pay my school fees because it was too expensive, she said I should drop out because we were barely able to feed. I began to cry and pray at the same time, I called on the name of my maker and I made a decision that if he doesn't answer my prayers, I will go to school after the corona holiday and pack my belongings then I slept off.

When I woke up in the the morning, I went through my phone and I saw that Opera Newshub needed writer and they were going to pay, I decided to write. My first payment surprised me, I was paid the sum of 50 thousand naria in just one month, I was so happy and my mother was happy to. I wrote more articles and my second pay was also huge, for the 8 months I spent at home due to corona break, I was able to save 250,000,000. I was so happy that I will continue my education.

Opera News Hub is a blessing in disguise to me, am now in my 300level, I have been able to pay my fees and rent all thanks to Opera.

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Jamb University of Ibadan University of Oxford


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