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Engineering Is a Good Course, But Take Note Of These 4 Things Before Applying

Are you planning of studying any Engineering course in the higher institution then l think this message is for you, l will be showing you some things you should take note before applying for it.

Most student want to study engineering because of one reason or the other, some person just love to be called an engineer, but all this factors should be secondary factor while applying for a course.

They are many field of study in engineering, so you need to ask yourself which of them you want to study,

 Courses under Engineering are.

1. Mechanical Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Civil Engineering

4. physic

5. Electronic Engineering

6.Marin Engineering

7. Gas Engineering

8. Petroleum Engineering

9. Chemical Engineering etc.

So here are things you need to consider before studying any Engineering courses

1. You need to be very good in mathematic.

2. In your Year one note that you will be doing physics and chemistry, so you need to be familiar to that.

3. You need to be very good in calculation because you are going to come across lots of them.

4. You need to be a smart student

So what are you thought on this.

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