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How to set goals and achieving them


Ask yourself what is in me that is holding me back? Look deep within yourself and identify key constraints in your personality, temperament, skills, abilities, habits education or experience that might be holding you back from achieving the goals that you have set for yourself ask the brutal question. Be completely honesty with yourself the primary obstacles between you and your goals are usually mental.

They are psychological and emotional in character. They are within yourself rather than within the situation around you. And it is with this mental obstacles that you must begin if you want to achieve everything that is possible for you.


The two major obstacles to success and achievement are fear and doubt. It is the first of all, the fear of failure, poverty, loss, embarrassment or rejection that hold the average person back from trying in the first place, this is why the average number of time that a person tries with new goal is less than one as soon as he think of the goal the fears overwhelm him and like a bucket of water on the small fire extinguishes his desire completely.

The second mental obstacles closely aligned to fear is that of self-doubt we doubt our own ability we compare ourselves unfavorably to others and this that others are somehow better, smarter and more competent than we are. We think "I'm good enough" we feel inadequate and inferior to the challenge of achieving the great goal that we so much want to accomplish.


Fortunately, if they is anything good about doubt and fear it is that they are both learned emotions. Have you ever seen a negative baby? Children come into the world no doubt or fear at all and whatever has been learned can be unlearned through practice and repetition. The primary antidotes to doubt and fear are courage and confidence, the higher your level of courage and confidence the Lower will be your level of fear and doubt. And the less effect these negative emotions will have on your performance and behavior.


The way that you developed courage and confidence is with knowledge and skills most fear and doubt arises out of ignorance and feeling of inadequacy of some kind the more you the learned the things you need to know to achieve your goals, the less fear you will feel on the other hand, and the more courage and confidence you will feel on the other.

Think about learning to drive for the first time, you were probably tense and nervous and made a lot of mistakes. You may have drive erratically and bring danger to yourself and others. But overtime as you mastered the knowledge and skills of driving you become better and better and your confidence increase. Today you can quite comfortably get into your car and drive across the country with no fear or worry at all.

You are so competent at driving that you can do it well without even thinking about it. The same principle apply to any skills you need to learn to achieve any goal you can set for yourself.


The second mental obstacles that you must overcome is the comfort zone, many people become complacent with their current situation, they become comfortable in a particular job or relationship or particular salary or level of responsibility.

That they become reluctant to make any change at all even for the better.

The comfort zone is major obstacles to ambition desire, determination and accomplishment. People who get stuck in a comfort zone, combined with learned helplessness, are almost impossible to help in any way don't let this happen to you.

I leave you on this note: Remember no matter how ugly your situations might be you can navigate to the right path.

I hope you all find it helpful, like and share your views, looking forward to hearing from you.

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