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Letter To The Youths

This will be like an advice inform of letter to the young growing people(Youth). To know and avoid spoiling up their life cause, We believe that youth are the future of tomorrow and tomorrow lies in their hands.Dear Youths,

This article is as an advice and also as a guide toward your future, which is very important cause when we have good and well conduct youth in the society, The society will be moving excellently.

I will use this medium also to motivate and encourage youth to be hardworking and strong in other to be able to face the future challenge. We all know that the word Youth is derived from the word "Young" which mean young and growing people. And we know that there are many obstacles and challenge facing the youth, Some of which am gonna discuss and give a mindful solution to it. But before I jump into discussing this such challenges. Hear these,

My Dear, Youths in this world the elders believe that you people are the future of tomorrow, And as you people are enlighten so the world will be. A youth who believe in that statement needs to be hardworking, encouraging, eager and zeal to prosper in life not matter the situation of a jungle.

Challenges facing the youth: We all know that there are plenty challenges facing the youths. Both the positive ones that will enkindle and impact good attitude and moral to them, negative ones that can impact bad attitude and can spoil there life if not handle properly. They include; First let start with the positive ones,

i) Empowerment: When youths are empowered they are not just only empowered with skills but are empowered with more knowledge and enlightenment on many life survival issues. Which will impact hard working, the zeal and eagerness to work harder.

ii) Employment: Some people will be surprising and will be trying to ask whether employment is a challenge to youth, it is a positive challenge to youth which end up impact hardworking in them. When youth are employed or working it is a challenge because you will be facing hard time when your employer is some how strictly or act somehow, may not be like you except then you will be facing challenges when trying to adapt or tolerant your employer and your coworkers, but despite all that it gonna impact much good than bad to the youths.

iii) Friends: We all have friends both the good impacter and the bad impacter which shows us that friends fall in both categories of challenges list above. Making friends can be a very tough challenges to many youth. For instance we all don't have the same character so do friends, so when try to tolerate and mingle with people is gonna be a big challenge to many youth trying to adapt... Which gonna impact adaptiveness to youths.

iv) Society: Society as we know fall also as good and bad impacter challenges to youths, but as a positive challenge, for instance most youth find it difficult to change from one society to another because of lack of adaptive skills. Then when trying to adapt society of different culture, it became a problem and challenges to youth but it is positive challenge that will impact adaptation skills to them.

Now let's look at the negative challenge faces by the youths and simple solution to them.

i) Unemployment: It's a very bad challenge some youth finds it difficult to overcome due to situation and economy standard of many countries. Which will impact bad things in the mind of youth such as; stealing, scamming, kidnappings etc.only to survive. The simple solution to it is creating job opportunities in countries that youths are facing such challenges.

ii) Lack Of Enlightenment: This is also challenges facing the youths because they have no enlightenment on some things, thereby being a problem to youths that some join bad groups without knowing the consequences because they lack enlightenment. The simple solution also is to create public enlightenment on most cases.

iii) Lack Of Skills: This is one of most challenges youths faced because they don't have any skills, then staying idle doing nothing, there comes bad thing flowing through there mind. Making them to be involved in some immoral acts. Possible solution to this is empowering the youth. Cause idle mind is a devil work shop.

iv) Friend's: As I said early that this particular words "friends" falls in the both categories of challenges facing the youths. So youths are influenced by friends when they are mingling with bad ones making them to forget their goods way and turn bad, only few youths can resist such friends. Which is a challenge to other's, the possible solution is just to cut tie with the bad early you notices their ways.

Finally, there are mnay other challenges like bad celebrities influence, Bad society influence, leaders not caring about the betterment of the youths these can also be a challenge to youths. But, My advice to youths is try as much as you can to posses skills even if one skill cause many countries government don't care, so as to avoid being a victim. Also try and know the kind of people you befriend once you notice any strange acts on them you cut off your relationship with them. Avoid bad friends but work more harder, At last the sky will be your limit.

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