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“Poverty Is A Disease” — Lessons To Learn From Ex NYSC Lady Who Wished To Remain A Corper For N33k

It is no longer new news that an ex NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) lady was spotted crying in a viral video that she wants to remain a Corper and never wants to pass out.

Her reason is because she wants to continue receiving her monthly allowance as a youth corper.

According to her she has never told anybody that she wants to pass out; she will prefer to remain a youth corper and gain her monthly allowance of N33k (Thirty-Three Thousand Naira).

Passing out from NYSC is something that brings joys to the heart of youths but her case was so different and unique. She cried bitterly after successfully passing out from a Youth Corper.

Her actions and statement in the video dragged different reactions from the public on different social media. Usually they are always reactions which stand opposing and supporting a statement.

Video was shared by a Twitter user identified as Austine Abel which went viral after much retweet and sharing of the post to other social media platform.

Watch Video On Twitter

See Screenshot Of Reactions Made Regarding Her Statement In The Video

Most persons doubted and guessed it was acted but there are lessons to learn from the video that was shared online.

5 Lessons To Learn From The Ex NYSC Member Who Wishes To Remain A Corper As A Result Of 33k Allowance

1. Have A Feature Plan: It is very important for every Nigerians to have a feature plan as early as possible. Planning and preparing ahead for the feature is very important because it helps to reduce confusion, stress and depression. Students are meant to plan on what to do after their graduation believing that one day they will pass out and will be left to make wise decision.

2. Don't Always Depend On Others: It is very good to be independent because it helps anyone to maintain his or her stand without been supported. It is obvious that the lady depends strongly on the N33k (Thirty-Three Thousand Naira) monthly allowance she receives as a Corper and wasn't ready pass out.

They are more paying jobs in Nigeria which only needs consistency and seriousness. Anyone can be able to apply for such job opportunities than remaining idle, doing nothing.

3. Skill Is Very Important: Many youths are always depending on government employments which seems to be a wrong decision. The government is trying out possible best to make sure they satisfy the needs of graduate and other citizens of the country. 

It is obvious that Nigeria has large population and as a good citizen of Nigeria, we are expected to assist or support the government by learning a skill as early as possible and not blaming the government at the end to be the cause of failure.

4. Make New Alternatives Regularly: It is wise to make new alternative when you find your self in any condition because no condition is permanent. Things may go rough suddenly but the ability to create alternatives will enable you to overcome such period till things becomes smooth.

5. Be Ready To Work Hard: Everyone must be ready to struggle because nothing good comes easily. Working hard really pays at the end and nothing good easily comes in the platter of gold.

Being ready to work hard is a sign of readiness to succeed. We all urged to put our effort in anything we find ourselves doing because it may reward you than you expected.

My Opinion: You are urged to adhere to these and If all these lessons are been put to practice, they will be reduction of depression and confusion which comes as a result of financial income.

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