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Pass any Job Interview : Things You should Never Say during a Job Interview

On my post about Things you shouldn't Do in preparation for an Interview (Follow me and Check it out on my page), I promised to also feed you in on Things you should never Say while sitting for a Job Interview... So here we are. 

Already, in the previous post, I have given you reasons why applying little but vital information such as this is very important in climbing the Success ladder. So now, we will go straight to the point immediately. 

Here are Things you shouldn't think of saying while in an Interview :

The casual word 'Yeah'

I understand this might be a little difficult as this word and so many others have somehow found a way to be a part of us, especially in a casual or unofficial setting where we feel free and are unperturbed by formalities. Feel free but you should understand that its your shot at securing a job and you should be on your most official state and behavior. Never replace your 'Yes' with a 'Yea'. 

"I have it on my CV"

For starters, 'How dare you call me a fool?'—some interviewers won't take this light with you. You have automatically lost the job. He asks you are question and you are referring him back to your CV?... Why then are you sitted there for the interview. Whatever the Interviewer asks that might lead to this answer, its just for you to go into details but in a concise way, remember don't talk too much. 

"I don't Know"

'Is that so? ', you definitely are not there for a Child's play, so in as much as you might not have the answer to the question thrown at you, you can do better than rudely say 'I don't know'. Just give him something... anything. You don't want to show yourself as rude, clueless or having a lack of initiative. 

"I will be going back to School soon"

Interviewers do not like to hear this, not because they don't want you to gain more knowledge or new skills but because it isn't doing the company any good recruiting you today and doing the same for the same position in the next few months. They would like to have someone who would stay longer and assimilate the needed knowledge and skill for the job to be done smoothly. So try not to bring it up. 

"I'm really Nervous"

This is quite hilarious. The Interviewer is in no way your mummy so why should he care? It also shows you lack confidence in yourself and the company wouldn't want someone like that. So even if you are scared, never admit it. Just fake it till you make it. 

"I will Do anything"

You might be the Jack of all trade, truly capable of taking any position in the company but when asked where you would like to work, make sure to choose just one department. The company needs someone who is passionate about the position he/she is taking. 

"I know I don't have much experience, but..."

This mistake is usually made by those fresh off the university without any work experience. The company does not want a liability but an asset, so as much as you want to be sincere and let them know that you are an absolute newbie in the corporate world, its wiser to focus on your strength. Prove to them that you are an asset. 

Those are some words and sentences you should never make in front of your interviewer. 

Next up, Illegal Questions in an Interview and how best to answer them... Follow and like to remain posted. 

Do you know any other things we shouldn't say during interviews... Feel free to share it with us in the comment section. 

Content created and supplied by: ChineduVarick (via Opera News )


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