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Resume Interview skills

Every unemployed graduate should take note of this before your next interview

*You still have a chance!!!*

It's okay to request for a CV do over, Wait! Don't just get a professional resume' and get interview invites and fail at the interviews, or fail on the job. I mean the whole point of the CV is get a job right?

As a job seeker the first thing to do when preparing for an interview is to memorise your CV! The recruiter will memorize/study your CV to interview you so why shouldn't you study it to prepare for whatever question that will be asked,you will be interviewed base on what is written on your CV so you need to be sure you have a good answer to every likely questions ask! 

Secondly, study the job description of the company advert: read up the job description and look at what the company is looking for then sell yourself with the skills they are looking for.

When you get the job ensure you create value!! they help in your career growth, recommendation and achievement is a magnet to career success, celebrate little wins here and there and your career will speed up like the speed of light!! 

To get to where your dream you have to work hard to build it. Go out there and be intentional about your career

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