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You sef Fit make #135,000 per Day

How can I make 135,000 for every day I spend on social media instead of just whiling away time, commenting on funny videos on youtube, monitoring my Crush’s timeline on Facebook, or following Bank wars and how Osibanjo danced with his boxers on twitter? That is the question I asked myself after I read a statista report that states that an average human spends about 135 Minutes on social media daily. 

Time is money. How much is your time worth? Imagine how much you would like to be making for every minute you spend on social media and multiply that by 135. If you spend 135Mins on social media without any probability for earning, you’ve only succeeded in losing 2hours and 45Mins of your daily life.

11 TIPS that can help you enjoy your time on social media, and increasing your earning potential.

01. Don’t be too salesy

Just because you want to make some money on social media doesn’t mean you should shove your product or service in people’s inbox all the time. People will find you annoying and stupid if that is all you do.

02. Don’t confuse Us

Don’t confuse your potential customers. Be known for something; don’t sell laptops today and boxers tomorrow. It’s okay to be a jack of all trade, but this will mess up your efforts to maximize your potential to earn on social media. Start an e-commerce website If selling all variety of products or service is what you want to do (You Business could grow to be bigger than #Jumia).

03. Know your Business

A dude was trying to market a condom to me the other day; I asked him what the length of the condom is, His response was “Bross, I don’t know o but e long sha”.

Hey, you don’t want to be like this guy. If you’re selling a drug please know the usage and how many capsules in a pack, know the manufacturer and why you won’t recommend any other available alternative.

Know your business, understand it like you invented (even if you didn’t), people will buy with the assumption that they must really need it if you know it that much and you are telling them to buy. #Facts

04. Plan your success – Have a strategy

This starts with the question “How much do I wan to be earning for minute I spend on social media”. You can’t succeed without a plan except you’re Olajumoke the bread seller or Adamu, the guy selling oranges with POS in Ibadan.

05. Find a level ground between Business and Personal affairs (if you must)

Imagine you’re a Mobile App developer who also enjoys playing the piano. Your Church members (and that girl in the Choir) loves it when you talk about music on social media but finds your Tech related post to be extremely boring. Find a common ground, how about a developing a mobile app for piano lessons with other interesting features… just saying.

06. Don’t be creepy

Business is about people and People want to relate with real people. When information on your profile is conflicting what you’re telling people that’s creepy. People won’t trust you; no one wants to be scammed.

07. Share Good News

Gone are the days when the only good news is a bad news. People are feed up of negative energies, if you offer positive mood filling news be sure your potential customers (friends and connections online) will be more positive when it comes to giving you their money.

08. Pay it forward and Backward

Your friends also have one business they are trying to promote on social media. Be a good friend, don’t ignore their efforts; share their posts, drop positive comments, and mention them on posts you know they can benefit from (like this one).

Kindness is reciprocal. When you do this more often you’ll realize your friends will also pay you in the same currency; they will start sharing your posts, commenting, and mentioning you (your business) on social media.

09. Tell Interesting Stories

Tell stories about how your product/services have transformed other people’s life; share stories of how you started your business. Use stories to connect your customers with the reality of your business.

10. Validate Your Story

It’s not enough to tell stories. We all know some creative writers can blow our minds with stories they cooked up in their head. Therefore, sharing what your existing customers are saying about your business can validate your stories and make people trust your business – It’s called testimonials.

When you potential customers see what you have helped other people achieve they will believe more in your promises and want to share in that experience.

11. Keep Learning

Technology, Digital marketing, social media marketing will keep changing. You have to keep up with the trends if you must succeed.

Don’t be left out ! – You sef fit do am on Social media. You can check here for assistance.

To be continued.

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